18 Jul 2011

Top Five Social Networking Sites (top-5)

Nowadays Every one of us use social networking  .

There are several social networking sites with specific uses,advantages,and disadvantages.

According to recent surveys by several tech-organizations and organizations these are the top-5 social networking sites.


Founded by Mark Zuckerberg became an innovation in social networking and grabbed the people into its nest with  the motto of  "connecting the people and making world open".

official website : www.facebook.com


Myspace is the top social networking site till the commencement of facebook . Although its rank fell down Myspace has over 50 million users from around the globe.

official website : www.Myspace.com 


Twitter became famous of its popularity in micro blogging .It gathered all people ranging from common man to celebrites because of its simplicity.

official website : www.twitter.com  

4.Linked In

Professional site mostly used by business and educated people for their needs.Even some of business organizations recruited their employees through Linked In. This  became a good platform for Business Needs.

official website : www.linkedin.com  


Over 90 million users friendster is also in the race. It is the first social networking site and was in top position till 2004 .

official website : www.friendster.com  

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