16 Jul 2011

DID YOU KNOW-1(Useful knowledge)


Kiwi bird
1. onions have no flavour . They just have smell.

2. Its not just the humans are right or left handed. Even dogs and cats are that way.

3. Not less than 15 billion cigarettes are smoked world wide every day.
4. kiwis are the only birds, which hunt by sense of smell
5. There are more than 50 different kinds of kangaroos.
6. Longest life span of a frog was 40 years.
7. Your nose and eyes continue growing thoughout your entire life.,
Human Heart
8. Heart beats around1,00,000 times a day.
9.Female lions are better hunters than male lions.
10.Olympic gold medals are mostly made of silver.
11.The word engineer comes from a latin word meaning "cleverness"
12.Humans get a little taller in space because there is no gravity pull in the space.
13.Because of the unusual shape of their legs, Kangaroos and emus struggle to walk backwards.
14.The USA  uses 29% of the world's petrol and 33% of the world's electricity.
15.octopus have three hearts.
16.The Brain 1.5 kgs in an adult human.
17. The Index fingure of Statue of Liberty is eight feet long.
18. Sharks can live upto 100 years.

19.Even when a snake has its eyes eyes closed , it can still see through its eyelids.
20.As 2009, the USA has 8133 tones of Gold reserves and while canada only has 3.

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